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Let your mask fall

This is the time, during great vulnerability & uncertainty, to allow your mask to fall away. To be brave, walk in courage because you know there is a greater, more expansive you inside that has been longing to emerge. Embrace vulnerability, trust your intuition, flow in your creativity & leap a little each day. Vulnerability and congruency is scary and takes bravery, minute by minute choices, to walk in daily. Choose YOU, choose to look at the lack of control and the unknown as an adventure of discovery about yourself and the world around you!

This is also a time to allow other people to take their masks off and find more of themselves. Allow them the grace and support to not be perfect, to mess up as you offer your hand to help them stand back up. It is messy finding yourself, so allow judgement to be whisked away because we never truly know what one has experienced or is in the midst of.

You have always been a leader, whether you felt it or not. Lead by example. Envision the best version of you and make choices based on that person’s perspective. Simply by you sharing your excitement, challenges, and journey of all that is being revealed to you and how it is changing your business and life, others will have the courage to follow in your footsteps. Together we are stronger and more resilient!

Choose You! Choose Vulnerability. Choose Adventure. Choose Grace.

You’ve got this. I am walking beside you and we are in this thing, called life, together! Xoxo. JG

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