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Here is the Ultimate Vision I see for every woman...

Every women walking in her individual and infinite beauty, offering her essence to the world. Her expansive heart open wide to feel, share and contribute to her surroundings. Free to experience the tender moments, the bold triumphs, the brilliant colors and textures of her environment, and even the sadness, through gratitudes eyes, of her traumas. The complete fullness and fulfillment of meaningful relationships, the bliss and freedom of true congruence within herself, the unhindered flow of her God given creativity, the exposure and breath of life inspiring experiences, the proud bravery of walking out of control and into trusting herself.

I find this as the ultimate core of all that you just travelled through as you read those Divine words. I have come to realize that the root of a woman finding the truest expression of who she is, of finding that congruency that is so elusive, is learning to trust herself. When a woman follows this path of learning about who she is, who she really is…When a woman chooses bravery over comfort and over the known….When a woman releases the need to be right and instead embraces the longing to simply choose what brings her joy…When a woman settles in and listens to that small, delicate voice inside of her…When a woman accepts herself and truly learns to love everything she is and everything she isn’t from a place of compassion…

...That woman can now have the freedom to flow, expand, be truly Limitless. She is no longer bound by the worlds standards, the old stories, wounds, the human experience, the external controls, the self hatred, the unspoken demands. She is now free to give grace and love to others, to follow her calling, to begin to rise out of her own ashes and into the elevated state of what has called her into BEing for the greater good.

My beautiful creations, it is time to RISE! To feel again, to express your fullness to this world. Now, more than ever, we need the unity, power and magnificence of what we as women innately have to share. It is time. It is YOUR time. It is OUR time, not to condemn or give up, but to be a part of the solution, to contribute our individual greatness. Join me in this LIMITLESS journey! I promise, it will be an adventure! xoxo Jamie G.

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