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Fearlessness is a LIE. I’m just going to say it!

There is no such thing as fearless; having no fear, invulnerable to fear or intimidation. Sure, when all is going amazing, we are in flow, all of our expectations are being fulfilled and our expected outcomes are coming forth…we are walking in full confidence and feel invincible. But the reality is the moment uncertainty, lack of control over outcomes, or crisis strikes, that is when our true courage and boldness are tested. That is when S@%$ gets real and we either react with negative default patterns and allow our triggers to control us, or we re-center, re-adapt and move forward without knowing what the outcome is going to be.

We ALL react in certain situations. The most powerful thing we can do is realize what do WE DO when we are in reaction mode, when we are being triggered. When we first become aware and choose to be honest with ourselves, then we can make a proactive shift and find ways to adapt our behaviors and reactions. Then, we can control the narrative of the outcome. Then we have freedom to release ourselves from the constant fear of the unknown and lack of control. Then, we choose to walk in our Overcomer presence and are able to handle whatever comes our way with an Overcomer mindset: learn from failure, positive outlook, resilient, growth minded, shift, take action, lift others up, BE the Change That the World Needs and Lead Others from this space!

There are 5 Primal Instincts I identified during COVID (because what better time to become aware, when we are under the full weight and pressure of uncertainty). What is a Primal Instinct? It is our first response to stress. These are our coping mechanisms (our reactions to internal and external factors). These are the ACTIONS and CHARACTERISTICS we default to under crisis and stress. This awareness can be SO Powerful! Learning to recognize and then strategize through these patterns can take us to the Next Level in our Business Success & Desired Lifestyle!

Do you want to know how you tend to react under stress and pressure? Do you want to be empowered to begin to take action and proactively gain control in those situations? Our awareness is the first step of moving through these, breaking through old patterns to our next best version of who we are.

Here is a fun, quick assessment to identify the top ways YOU personally handle stress. Take this 5minute quiz to discover what Primal Animal Instinct comes forth in you most often. Are you an Ostrich, Viper, or…..? QUIZ Link

Have fun!

Jamie G.

Part Sloth, part Viper ;)

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