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What is an Overcomer?

In 2020 all hell broke loose. Would you agree? I mean, let's just call it like it is. Life was cray! So unexpected and unpredictable. Never in our lifetimes have we seen a global crisis like the one we experienced and are still experiencing. This level of stress and chaos immediately uncovers our fears, our insecurities, our ability to handle or inability to handle dynamic change. Honestly it can be one of THE Best ways to identify your default patterns and triggers because when you are under that heightened level of pressure the truth of what is inside of you, comes forth...wether you like it or not ;)!

During the pandemic I noticed 2 types of people. Those that were thriving and those that were not. Those that allowed their personal negative default patterns (by the way, we all of them) to rule their emotions and thus their actions and thoughts... and those that took Proactive Power and chose to thrive in the middle of the storm. These people, the thrivers, I distinguished as The Overcomers.

  • So what is an Overcomer?

  • Have they always been this way?

  • Can you become one if you don't fully embody the characteristics of one?

  • If so, how do you become one?

All great questions! :)

What is an Overcomer?

An Overcomer is someone that has learned life lessons, had experiences, and chosen to learn and grow from them. Through their human existence on this planet they have failed, but instead of letting that stop them or inhibit their next actions they have chosen to understand that things happen for them, not to them. They have taken their devastations or challenges and created greatness from them. They have become resilient, adaptive, positive, self aware, grateful... not because they had everything given to them, but because they didn't. They have realized that challenges are opportunities not obstacles. They have discovered grace for themselves and thus have more for others. They celebrate others successes' and are not threatened by someone else's greatness! Overcomers are action takers!

Have they always been that way?

No, not necessarily. Some people have certain natural tendencies or personality traits, but they learned these skills and characteristics from intentionally choosing to embrace life, setting aside perfectionism and understanding that by holding back any piece of who they are, is doing a disservice to the world. Sometimes people grow into the Overcome slowly over time, sometimes they have a traumatic event happen that snaps them into a greater understanding of who they are, or sometimes they simply need the support and guidance to know what steps to take to get there.

Can you become one if you don't fully relate to the characteristics of one?

Absolutely! 100%. But you will have to make the choice. You will have to be real and honest with yourself. You will need to choose to learn and grow and take responsibility of you!

If so, how do you become one?

For me, I was a Perfectionist, Overachiever. Which is not the same as an Overcomer, let's just be clear. In 2011, I went through a divorce. My world went to Ground Zero suddenly and I had to start completely over in EVERY area of my life. Over the next 10 years I learned an immense amount of life lessons...and not the easy way, because that would be too easy for this full bloody, stubborn, German girl to swallow. Apparently I wanted ALL the lessons life wants to teach LOL. However, this is exactly WHY I could identify the Overcomer in 2020, because I had become one through my journey. I had done the work and dug deep into me. I discovered how to show up in the world as the most Extraordinary Version of Me (and I am still learning and growing into that)! Honestly, that is why I felt a responsibility to create the "Become the Overcomer" online course. Because even my High Achieving Women Entrepreneurs that I work with and coach needed this content to Identify the Default Patterns and Triggers that were Holding Them Back. This has been a life changing process for me to get to walk others through the 7 Shifts that Unlock their Next Level in Business Success and Lifestyle Desires!

Tell me about your life lessons? I would love to hear all about them because what I have learned is that I can take the lessons others have learned and save years off of my own journey and learning process.

If you want to learn more about Become the Overcomer, send me a message or you can check out the course HERE. Here is to living a beautiful life! A LUXE Life Everyday! JG

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