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Looking for a community that will ... 
*Reignite Your Soul
*Create Quantum Leaps in your Business and Life
*While you Connect Richly with other
Driven, Sassy, Impact-Spirited Women?

One of the most common things I hear from women is:
"I thought I was the only one
that felt this way, was experiencing this, or thought this.”

I want to tell you something...
You are not alone!

Every woman has felt, experienced or thought something similar to
what you have at some point in her life.

Every woman needs other women to Lean On, Laugh with, Cry with,
Adventure with, Learn and Grow with.

... Do Life With, Real Life!

​Monthly Expert Sessions: You will have experts coming to you LIVE sharing the
most current information about all the things relevant to women 40+ with
time for Q & A at the end.

That is what the LUXE Life Online Community is all about.


Community Experience

​Monthly Expert Sessions: You will have experts coming to you LIVE sharing the most current information about all the things  relevant to women 40+ with time for Q & A at the end.

  • Hormones (January)

  • Weight gain (January).... and there is an amazing, easy fix I will be sharing with you, that really works!

  • Relationships (February)

  • Sex

  • Beauty

  • Fashion

  • Money

  • Love
    ... all the things!


Creative Self Growth & Discovery Sessions: Each month will have a
theme. There will be a LIVE training with time for connection, reflection and collaborative conversation around the challenges, experiences, and successes members have had or are currently having.

  • Energy management 

  • Remaining relevant in a changing world

  • Transitions (divorce, kids leaving, new jobs, loss)

  • Your sphere is your everything

  • The inner critic 

  • Igniting your soul

  • Self sabotage
    ... all the things!


Bonus #1

Receive seasonal discounts in the LUXE Life Boutique​

Bonus #2

Get Exclusive Access to the Insider LUXE Community HUB

Bonus #3

Get Priority Access to all LUXE quarterly Events & Upcoming Programs

...And SO much more will be Coming!

"The women in this community are remarkably supportive, funny, and insightful. Each woman has her own unique challenges, insights, and experiences that help me process through what I am learning and experiencing."


"The honesty with the women, above all, has made this so valuable. I love that we all have different stories."

Sherrie W.

Sherri 1.JPG
Laurel maupin.jpg
"Being in this community of women made me realize that other women experience the same roadblocks as me. The support I felt when I shared my doubts about myself with others was amazing. I realized these ladies were struggling with the same things as me. I love these women!!! They are so real and allowed me to be real. I hope there is a way we can continue to be in each other's lives. There was a hole when one of the ladies would be missing from our collaborative community call."


... and this leads me to WHY I am opening the LUXE Life Online Community up to more women.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this.

I have supported women leaders for the past 15 years and the message I hear most is their deep desire to find a community that will fill their soul with connection, depth, life, growth, acceptance and have ...

...Real Conversations with Real Women!

I am opening this community to the public. I simply cannot wait to see what unfolds for you as you decide to take this journey into Your Most Extraordinary Life! If you desire more joy, beauty, richness, meaning, adventure, and revelation; I am here to tell you it is accessible for you. You just need to ....

Choose to Listen and Leap!


As a LUXE Life Community member:​​

  • You will have access to the most current topics, extraordinary experts, and resources that are available for the 40+ woman. 

  • You will have the opportunity to shape the topics we bring forth monthly.

  • You will be a part of a rich community of other 40+ women to do real life with.

  • You will have access to the library of recorded calls from all of the expert sessions and growth & discovery sessions.

  • You will have weekly encouragement and inspiration delivered to you 

  • You will have live Q & A access to extraordinary experts, so you can optimize ALL aspects of your life.

  • You will enjoy fresh lifestyle, business, & growth content throughout the year.


What can you expect:


It is a Safe Space for you to discover the Ultimate Version of You


It is Fun, Positive, Lively, and Passion Filled


It is Overflowing with a Multitude of Laughter & Healing


It is a Place to Explore Who You are Becoming


It is the Freedom to Let Go of Old Stories that No Longer Serve You


It is a Tribe of Women that are Building One Another Up


It is an Atmosphere that Allows you to Become Confident in
Who You Are and What You Uniquely Add to this World
"It helped me to realize that the women in the group are not only here for support but they also truly believe that I am capable to make changes and try new things. This has helped me approach issues from a different angle. Their support and faith in me, helped me to have faith
in myself."


"The women were incredible. I didn’t realize how opening up to strangers could be such a catalyst to personal growth."

Beth K.

"I found that the women’s community Jamie curated was a safe place to be vulnerable. It was a judgment free zone where I could share my Ah ha moments, as I learned more about myself and what holds me back."

Dena M.

What’s coming in this month that you
won’t want to miss?

Theme: Relationships

Expert Session: Transcendental Relationships

  • The ROI of Developing the Habit of Turning Inward

  • The Wisdom Hidden in Emotional Pain & How to Use it

  • The Art of Pure Presence & How it Can Create Transcendental Relationships

  • The Magic of Co-Creation

Growth & Discovery Session: Self Love - Living Fully Expressed

Let's dig into self love, our inner critic and those conversations we have with ourselves that hold us back from truly allowing ourselves to live fully expressed and filled with love and joy!

The Community will reopen to
the public later this year


"Get instant answers and connect with like-minded individuals! Join our vibrant Facebook community now for immediate support and engaging discussions."

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