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Discover the 7 Pivotal Shifts
to becomi
& Activate Your Extraordinary Power


Unlock your Next Level of extraordinary success in business & desired lifestyle by identifying what is holding you back

Parallel Lines

Which of these would create the changes you desire in your


  • Elevating your joy & upgrading your mindset

  • Being in control of your life & being less reactive

  • Feeling alive & full of energy

  • Discovering what ignites your soul

  • Identifying & extracting those things that are stealing your energy


Let me be your guide 

... to an accelerated, powerful, expansive journey towards achieving the business success & lifestyle that you truly are seeking.

If you desire to achieve what you were meant to, and you are truly ready to step into your extraordinary magnificence, keep reading!

10 X's faster, with deeper connection to yourself and others, while reawakening your
passion filled essence!

dana giddens.jpeg
"This program has been transformative. By recognizing in myself the occasional personality of the “Overachiever” I was able to understand what triggers me to fall into those behaviors. Whether in relationships with co-workers, family or friends, I can say this program is a must for any person who wants to push through the barriers and become Unstoppable!"

 Dana Giddens

"But the truth is, if we don’t have the tools, we could go forward blindly… failing to achieve anything really useful. Jamie gives us those tools and teaches us how to use them. How to live a life where we create intended outcomes!"

Jen Donahue

jen donahue.jpeg
"This easy-to-follow and enlightening course gave me a clear path to understanding which situations and environments were triggering my unhealthy reactions to stress and holding me back both professionally and in my personal relationships."

 Shannon Hysell

Uplevel your ... 

• Decrease your Learning Timeline

• Accelerate from Point A ~> B 10X's Faster

• Decrease Struggle, Chaos, Stress & Burnout

• Integrate Quantum Leaps to Propel Yourself Forward

• Gain Next Level Strategies

• Create the Powerful Foundation to Become Unstoppable
Lilly Cortes-Pona.jpg

“It is always an honor to collaborate with Jamie G. and see the innovative thoughts she comes up with. She presents them with such finesse and tremendous engagement. Unstoppable is forward-thinking and will challenge you and your team to elevate to new levels using this process."

- Lilly Cortes-Pona

Owner LCP Coaching

Introducing: unstoppable

10 weeks to your next level of Extraordinary: 

Phase 1: Foundations

 Default Operating Systems &
Primal Instincts:

Week 1

Discover the mental mindsets & reactions that you default to under stress or crisis.
Recognizing these default patterns will allow you to proactively shift out of them more quickly.

Week 3

Grace & Reflection:

Gain grace for yourself & insight into why your  triggers exist.
This deeper understanding will shift their power over you & release you into personal freedom.

Week 2

Become aware of what triggers your default mindsets & reactions.
Identifying these will empower you to shift away from their control over you.


Week 4

Bonus Integration Week:

​Time for going deeper, integrating further 
& catching up!

Phase 2: Fusion

Week 5

Soul Igniters:

Explore what ignites & restores your soul.
This shift to intentionally uncover & add these into your life will elevate your joy, confidence
& frame of mind. 

Week 6

Power Strategy:

Architect your own success formula.
Shift into anticipating challenges & develop customized strategies to overcome them... creating more confidence & dynamic control over the  outcome. 

Week 7

Bonus Integration Week:

​Time for going deeper, integrating further 
& catching up!

Phase 3:Ignite

Week 8

Celebrate & Adjust:

Acknowledge your accomplishments & progress while making crucial adjustments to your success formula.
This shift into gratitude gives you the ability to see the possibilities & opportunities around you.

Week 9

Energy Management

Learn to protect your energy.
By actively  engaging in those things that increase your energy & limiting those that  don't, you shift into an accelerated version of you & gain more creativity, motivation, connection & momentum.

Week 10

Intentional & Consistent:

Fully integrate the 7 shifts.
Unlocking a Unique Extraordinary Existence!
Your LUXE Life!
So, are you ready to take back control of your life? Are you ready for more clarity, success and making an impact in the world?

It is time for you to rise above the chaos, stress,
burnout & overwhelm!

Dena Martin

If you want to understand why you act, behave & make the choices that you do...and how to change it & take your life to the next level, this is the course for you...

Beth Kailes

I joined to find less overwhelm & more peace...I found self discovery & realized that there is beauty in the mess & that I am not alone, everybody struggles... & this is going to free me up to be the amazing version of me that I know that I can be...

Sherri Waller O'Brien

It is an ego boost, an emotional boost, a brain boost, & an accountability boost...this course is the best thing I've ever done...

“This course was formerly called “Become the Overcomer”.  It is now “Unstoppable” which has enhanced content and resources”

Program Bonuses:

Bonus #1

$97 Value

7 Days to a More Creative, Authentic You! 

  • Rise and Reconnect more Deeply with Yourself & Others
  • Gain Immediate Access​ to 7 Powerful Days of Reigniting with your Creativity, Vibrancy & Connection

Bonus #2

$97 Value

Influencer Series - Acceleration 1

  • Learn this Life-Changing Mind Shift to Living Fully Expressed
  • Affirmation Intensifier
  • ​​Integrations Intensifier

Bonus #3

$997 Value

2 Bonus Integration Weeks 

  • I want you not only to Succeed, but to Thrive in 'Becoming Unstoppable' So, I have Included...
  • 2 Additional Bonus weeks of Support, Integration & Coaching​​

Bonus #4

$597 Value

Velocity Online Course

In this Deep Dive Course You will ...
  • Learn to Prioritize & Align Yourself for Extraordinary Success
  • Discover How to Actively Engage with and Command Your Energy
  • Uncover How to Stop Allowing Other People's Negative Energy's & Agenda's to Control You

Any one of the below shifts could move your life into massive momentum, but together these create a powerful force, giving you
the secret advantage in creating
the life you truly desire








Learn to shift out of your negative patterns & reactions
Identify your triggers, releasing their control over you
Experience freedom from getting sucked into other people’s energies, agendas’ and issues
Elevate your joy  & frame of mind
Create confidence through powerfully, designed successes
Open up to the possibilities & opportunities that are surrounding you
Increase your creativity, motivation, momentum, & connection with self and others

From Jamie G

3 Top Traits to Being Unstoppable

It is up to you now. One thing I know is that taking DECISIVE, IMMEDIATE ACTION is key to you Possessing and Implementing Change. It is one of the most essential characteristics you can begin to employ. It is where Everything Begins and how Massive Momentum becomes possible for you right now. 

You don’t have time to waste. Your Time is Valuable and Limited. If you have a deep desire to achieve the next level in your business, but you want the most Efficient and Effective way to get there, you need someone to give you a STEP by STEP ROADMAP to easily walk you through the process. You want to Take Years Off the Learning Process and Accelerate past the self doubt, judgement, limiting beliefs and lack of clarity that will hold you back and delay the process and thus your success.

One of the top secrets and Success Hacks to acquiring your dreams, is being in COMMUNITY with other like minded & spirited individuals like yourself. This key element of collaboration creates an environment for thriving, expansion, deeper growth, and fulfillment because you have a tribe to conquer challenges and celebrate victories with, while also being held accountable to your bigger visions and aspirations. 

The Unstoppable Course will not only create your Desired Results but will also Curate an Experience for upleveling and change like you have never ecountered before.

Just to Recap...
Your next 10 weeks will be filled with...

  1. 8 Weekly Training modules, plus two Bonus Integration weeks to help you  realize, reconnect, and rise into your Next level of success!

  2. ​8 Companion weeks of Worksheets, Activations, Tools and Journal Prompts to help accelerate your transformation into becoming Unstoppable.

  3. 10 LIVE collaborative coaching calls with Jamie G. and your new  community where you can ask questions, share successes, challenges, and get personalized, focused support with your goals and integrations. That means you get 2 added Bonus LIVE calls with your 2 Bonus Integration weeks!

  4. Access to a private online community where you can network, connect, share challenges, successes & experience life together while you process and develop into your Unstoppable capabilities.​    

  5. ​​​3 Bonuses:

    • 7 Days to a More Creative & Authentic You​

    • Influencer Series - Acceleration 1

    • Velocity Online Course

What are you waiting for? NOW is your time to make the advancements in your business & life you have been yearning for. Later is not an option if you are truly ready to create the business success & lifestyle you desire! You were meant for such a time as this. You are here for a reason. Let’s do this together!  

Simply ask yourself… 
Join Today!  

Don’t miss out!  Put it on your calendar, as this is an interactive, paced program that will be powerfully done within the Unstoppable community.
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