Meet Jamie G.

I am a passion-filled, lover of people. I take pleasure in exceptional food, a deep glass of vino with decadent dark chocolate, my girlfriends and kids, dancing until I drop, laughing until I cry, adventuring around the globe and I am purposeful about inspiring those around me to lead an extraordinary, unique existence every day.  As an elevation strategist, I work personally with my clients to up-level their lives in every area leading to a truly limitless life and business. Together we work on discovering their unique offerings, innovative business concepts, creating an inspired future vision while bringing practical solutions, best practices, and resources for implementing their personalized strategy plan.

  • Business Development

  • Growth & Business Strategy in the Real Estate space

  • Lifestyle Spokesperson

  • Consultant & Elevation Strategist Coach 

  • REEBOK Ambassador & Athlete

  • International Fitness Presenter & Choreographer

  • Founder of Women Inspired Together

  • Consulted for & Spokesperson for BODYBAR, Kettleworx, Soybu, REEBOK, Lebert

  • Freelance writer, model and speaker


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What is leading a luxe

EXTRAORDINARY LUXE living is all about leading an extraordinary, limitless life everyday. Life is about surrounding yourself with like minded, like spirited people. The LUXE movement is focused on expanding, exploring, and discovering your vision of what is possible, opening up greater opportunities which will lead to richer, fuller life experiences. LUXE is a practical space to gain clarity, strategies, tools and resources to identify, align, accelerate, and activate into the best version of you.  Get ready to possess your peak potential while you live life to its fullest.

Are you interested in VIP one-on-one or group coaching to discover how to integrate your authenticity into every aspect of your life leading to an extraordinary existence?  


Contact me below to let me know how I can best serve you.  


are you a fit for luxe?

Do you want more out of life? Are you a high achieving women but it's time to bring fullness to other areas of your life?  Or, maybe you lost yourself along the way someplace and you simply don't know who the real you is any longer. Have you survived a difficult time in life or a setback and need to rediscover you? It's time to discover your authentic self, live more fully, and activate your beautiful true essence. It's time to fuel the authentic, confident, passion-filled woman you were created to be!

Join us! Be connected to a community who want to make an impact on the world around them. Be surrounded by positive, like-minded women who are also innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs that want to accelerate their life to the next level.


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