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Lead a Unique Extraordinary Existence

Looking for a community that will reignite your soul, create quantum leaps in your business and life, while you connect richly with other authentic, adventurous, driven, sassy, impact-spirited women?

5 Powerful Ways to Activate your LUXE Life Right Now

What is leading a luxe



As a high achieving woman everyone looks to you for, well, everything. You not only have to manager your own life but other’s expectations, demands and needs. The pressure can be a lot to navigate and leads to burnout, overwhelm, feeling completely out of balance or just a dullness and lack of excitement for life (you've lost your sparkle). Not to mention all of the life transitions you may be experiencing like divorce, career changes, kids leaving for college and unfamiliar shifts in your health.

Whatever has led you here today, it was not by accident. Maybe you desire feeling alive and radiant.  Or, maybe you desperately need more clarity, confidence and calm in your life. Perhaps you yearn for deep connection with other authentic, passion-driven women. Does your soul feel a release when you envision having space to simply be you, enveloped in a safe environment?  An atmosphere where you are valued, supported, and understood while you rise into the ultimate version of the woman you are called to be?

My question for you is, who supports you? Who understands the nuances of your life changes and current needs and can provide you with next level resources? How do you even begin to find a genuine, life-filled community of women, like you?


Let's talk woman to woman for a moment, lean in... You have been desiring this level of extraordinary living and relationships, but you just don't know what the next step is. You don’t have the time or the energy to find this elusive concept of such a richly, connected community that provides next level support, growth, adventure, and inclusion.

If any of this resonates with you, you have found your place! Welcome! Let me be your guide.