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Lead a Unique Extraordinary Existence

Looking for a community that will reignite your soul, create quantum leaps in your business and life, while you connect richly with other authentic, adventurous, driven, sassy, impact-spirited women?

5 Powerful Ways to Activate your LUXE Life Right Now

What is leading a luxe



As a high achieving woman everyone looks to you for, well, everything. You not only have to manager your own life but other’s expectations, demands and needs. The pressure can be a lot to navigate and leads to burnout, overwhelm, feeling completely out of balance or just a dullness and lack of excitement for life (you've lost your sparkle). Not to mention all of the life transitions you may be experiencing like divorce, career changes, kids leaving for college and unfamiliar shifts in your health.

Whatever has led you here today, it was not by accident. Maybe you desire feeling alive and radiant.  Or, maybe you desperately need more clarity, confidence and calm in your life. Perhaps you yearn for deep connection with other authentic, passion-driven women. Does your soul feel a release when you envision having space to simply be you, enveloped in a safe environment?  An atmosphere where you are valued, supported, and understood while you rise into the ultimate version of the woman you are called to be?

My question for you is, who supports you? Who understands the nuances of your life changes and current needs and can provide you with next level resources? How do you even begin to find a genuine, life-filled community of women, like you?


Let's talk woman to woman for a moment, lean in... You have been desiring this level of extraordinary living and relationships, but you just don't know what the next step is. You don’t have the time or the energy to find this elusive concept of such a richly, connected community that provides next level support, growth, adventure, and inclusion.

If any of this resonates with you, you have found your place! Welcome! Let me be your guide. 

jamie g

Meet Jamie G.

I am a passion-filled, lover of people. I take pleasure in exceptional food, a deep glass of vino with decadent dark chocolate, spending time with the love of my life, my girlfriends, my kids, dancing until I drop, laughing until I cry, adventuring around the globe and I am purposeful about inspiring those around me to lead a unique, extraordinary existence every day. A LUXE Life!

I free and support high achieving women that feel out of balance, overwhelmed, stressed or disconnected in creating more clarity, confidence, calm and connection in their life so they can build and activate the unique, extraordinary business and lifestyle they truly desire. I do this through creating curated experiences, innovative personal growth programs and a connected community.

As an elevation strategist I am highly analytical and creative both.  I work intimately with my clients, teams, organizations and the LUXE Life community to up-level their lives in every area leading to a truly limitless life and business. Together, we lean into discovering their unique offerings, innovative business concepts, and expand an inspired future vision while uncovering practical solutions, best practices, and resources for implementing their personalized strategy plan.

  • C.E.O. of LUXE Everyday Inc.

  • International Presenter & Speaker

  • Lifestyle Spokesperson

  • Consultant & Elevation Strategist Coach

  • Team Building & Discovery Retreats

  • Growth & Business Strategy

  • Founder of Women Inspired Together

  • Consulted for & Spokesperson for REEBOK, BODYBAR, Kettleworx, Soybu, Lebert

  • Freelance writer

about luxe

Each program I create is one inspired by the lessons and the journey I have personally walked. I share them to free and support women on their road to greatness and freedom, so they can heal and let go of the things that are holding them back, while they fulfill their destiny and unify with other powerful women.


Magnetize the Life & Business Your Desire! This is where it all begins! Discover the 7 pivotal shifts to unlocking your next level of extraordinary success. This innovative course will become the foundation for everything you desire in your life and business. You will learn to rise above any stress, chaos, burnout, reactivity and overwhelm and begin to live empowered with more clarity, confidence, control and passion.

Velocity: launching june 2024

In order to fully embody all you were created for, and share your unique impact with the world, you first need to prioritize and align yourself for extraordinary success. By actively engaging in those things that increase your energy & limiting those that don't, you shift into an accelerated version of you & gain more creativity, motivation, connection & momentum in every area of your life, business and impact.

Awaken: Coming in 2024

Every women walking in her individual and infinite beauty, offering her essence to the world. Her expansive heart open wide to feel, share and contribute to her surroundings. She is free to experience the tender moments, the bold triumphs, the brilliant colors and textures of her environment. She has realized that even her sadness or shame, from traumas, mistakes or challenging life experiences, can be expressed and seen through gratitude’s eyes as they are transformed for the greater good of all.

are you a fit for luxe?

One of the most common things I hear from women, once they have experienced the freedom, authenticity and richness of the LUXE Life Community is, “I thought I was the only one that felt this way, was experiencing this, or thought this.”

I want to tell you something… You are not alone! Every woman has felt, experienced or thought something similar to what you have at some point in her life. Every woman needs other women to lean on, laugh with, cry with, adventure with, learn and grow with.
… Do Life With, Real Life!



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What does the LUXE Life Community feel like

  • It is a Safe Space for you to discover the Ultimate Version of You

  • It is Fun, Positive, Lively, and Passion Filled

  • It is Overflowing with a Multitude of Laughter & Healing

  • It is a place to Explore Who You are Becoming

  • It is the Freedom to Let Go of Old Stories that no longer serve you

  • It is a Tribe of Women that are Building one Another Up

  • It is an Atmosphere that allows you to Become Confident in Who You Are and What You Uniquely Add to this World

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